Occupying the second place as the hardest working space, a bathroom is exposed to a great amount of wear and tear every day. Over the years this high traffic exposure means turning a spa-like area into a dingy, run-of-the-mill place that serves more as an eyesore than a relaxing and soothing spot.

Bathrooms are not just esthetically pleasing areas, they also need to be fully-functional. Creating an area that’s easy on the eyes, has a sense of tranquility and functions perfectly is not an easy task, especially as more often than not bathrooms are a tricky space, packed with a bunch of moving parts all squeezed together into a tight footprint.

Homeowners ready to thrust themselves into the world of bathroom remodeling, either due to the water damage, or for esthetic reasons, have to know that it truly is a task for a professional, as many things can go wrong if done by a layman. Just imagine all the possible leaks that can happen, which can spread and even damage more than just a bathroom.

What a professional will provide a homeowner first is an in-home consultation, where all the homeowner’s requirements will be taken into an account and an estimate of the cost will be provided. Research conducted shows that people on average spend a bit more than $16000 when it comes to bathroom remodeling. However, for a master suite or a bathroom remodeling that is a bit more lavish a much higher budget is often required.

After the consultation, the professional team of designers will draft a proposal, displaying the bathroom design and layout according to the homeowner’s wishes and within their budget. All the unique ideas and requirements will be incorporated within the design, so that the space suits the homeowner’s individual needs the best.

Then a technical team will evaluate the project, checking if there is any water damage, dry rot or mold. They are also the ones who take all the measurements required for the bathroom and the ones who are in charge of the quality control of the ordered bathroom items. After checking that all of the ADA guidelines are met, the installation of the bathroom items can be done. Hiring a professional bathroom remodel company also means a smooth, hustle-free and quick installation of the ordered items.  

Why Hollywood Refinishing is the best company for your bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a task for a professional remodeling company with credentials, long list of clients and years of experience, such as Hollywood Refinishing. Thanks to our highly-trained and certified staff and the high-quality products manufactured right here in the USA, you can rest assured knowing that your bathroom remodeling will be finished according to all of your specifications and in time. As the materials we use in bathroom remodeling comply with all of California’s laws, the final product will be environmentally and eco friendly, promoting clean energy and saving you money in the long run. For further details regarding your bathroom remodeling, or if you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-618-2833